GloBeM: Global Behavior Modeling

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What is GloBeM?

Large scale distributed systems have proven to be one of the most important resources in modern computing. However, the vast complexity of these environments limits the efficiency of traditional management tools.

The GloBeM research project aims to define a set of techniques oriented to build a global behavior model of a large scale distributed environment, such as a grid. This kind of model would provide a deep understanding of the system and a better reference for management and optimization.

If you are interested in GloBeM, please read the Introduction to GloBeM page to learn what is all this about.

Who are we?

The GloBeM project is a scientific research effort developed at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). The current researchers involved are (in alphabetical order):

GloBeM in detail

To better understand what this project is about, please read the Introduction to GloBeM page.

If you are looking for technical details, see the achitecture page.

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