[[Big Data]]

Big Data

After finishing the course, students will be capable of processing and analysing massive data in some specific field of science or engineering with visual analytics techniques.

Alias Plan Curso Tipo Duración Créditos
BD_ICT ICT-LABS MUII Semes. 1 Opt. Semes. 6 ECTS

Since course 2016/2017, this subject will be managed through UPM's Moodle platform. All the related material can accessed in the following link.


Nombre Despacho L M X J V
Jesús Montes Sánchez
4202 · · · · ·
Antonio LaTorre de la Fuente
4202 11:00-13:00 · · 11:00-13:00 ·
Pablo Toharia
4102 10:30-13:00
· · · ·

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