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Question/answer exercises

The exercise level menu for these exercises is completely different from that of the Compiled Language menu shown above.

For Question/Answer exercises you are given the following menu.

 Question/answer exercise menu for course "tst" unit "1" exercise "qu":
 vq    view questions                 | pq      print questions
 ans   answer questions and submit    | cks     check submitted
 h     help                           | q       return to calling menu
 Type question/answer command:

The X windows one is similar We will not use this much in our course.

The options have significance as follows.

This allows you to view the questions before attempting to answer them. The pq command can then be used to obtain a printout of these questions.

When you are happy you know the answers to the questions set, you can enter your solutions using the ans command. This will then ask you the questions one at a time and read your response. Answers may be a choice between a few options, a word or a short sentence. To quit the exercise before answering all the questions type q as your answer.

This command allows you to check that your mark has been submitted correctly, and to check your answers.

Some question/answer exercises are purely for collecting answers, such as those to the end-of-course questionnaire. Other will involve answers which are marked. The questions should make clear which of these cases holds.
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