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Exercises - Using X Windows, Editing and UNIX Basics

  1. Practice opening, closing and moving windows around the screen and to/from the background/foreground. Get used to using the mouse and its buttons for such tasks.

  2. Figure out the function of each of the three mouse buttons. Pay particular attention to the different functions the buttons in different windows (applications) and also when the mouse is pointing to the background.

  3. Find out how to resize windows etc. and practice this.

  4. Fire up textedit application and practice editing text files. Create any files you wish for now. Figure out basic options like cut and paste of text around the file, saving and loading files, searching for strings in the text and replacing strings.

    Particularly pay attention in getting used to using the Key Strokes and / or mouse to perform the above tasks.

  5. Use Unix Commands (see Appendix ) to
    1. Copy a file (created by text editor or other means) to another file called spare.
    2. Rename your original file to b called new.
    3. Delete the file spare.
    4. Display your original file on the terminal.
    5. Print your file out.

  6. Familiarise yourself with other UNIX functions by creating various files of text etc. and trying out the various functions listed in handouts.
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