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  1. Write a C program to read through an array of any type. Write a C program to scan through this array to find a particular value.


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  2. Read ordinary text a character at a time from the program's standard input, and print it with each line reversed from left to right. Read until you encounter end-of-data (see below).

    You may wish to test the program by typing

    		    prog5rev | prog5rev
    to see if an exact copy of the original input is recreated.

    To read characters to end of data, use a loop such as either

            char ch;
            while( ch = getchar(), ch >= 0 ) /* ch < 0 indicates end-of-data */
            char ch;
            while( scanf( "%c", &ch ) == 1 ) /* one character read */


  3. Write a program to read English text to end-of-data (type control-D to indicate end of data at a terminal, see below for detecting it), and print a count of word lengths, i.e. the total number of words of length 1 which occurred, the number of length 2, and so on.

    Define a word to be a sequence of alphabetic characters. You should allow for word lengths up to 25 letters.

    Typical output should be like this:

    	    	length 1 : 10 occurrences
      		 	length 2 : 19 occurrences
       	  length 3 : 127 occurrences
       		 length 4 : 0 occurrences
        		length 5 : 18 occurrences
    To read characters to end of data see above question.

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