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#include <math.h>

int abs (int n) - Get absolute value of an integer.

double acos(double x) - Compute arc cosine of x.

double asin(double x) - Compute arc sine of x.

double atan(double x) - Compute arc tangent of x.

double atan2(double y, double x) - Compute arc tangent of y/x.

double ceil(double x) - Get smallest integral value that exceeds x.

double cos(double x) - Compute cosine of angle in radians.

double cosh(double x) - Compute the hyperbolic cosine of x.

div_t div(int number, int denom) - Divide one integer by another.

double exp(double x - Compute exponential of x.

double fabs (double x ) - Compute absolute value of x.

double floor(double x) - Get largest integral value less than x.

double fmod(double x, double y) - Divide x by y with integral quotient and return remainder.

double frexp(double x, int *expptr) - Breaks down x into mantissa and exponent of no.

labs(long n) - Find absolute v alue of long integer n.

double ldexp(double x, int exp) - Reconstructs x out of mantissa and exponent of two.

ldiv_t ldiv(long number, long denom) - Divide one long integer by another.

double log(double x) - Compute log(x).

double log10 (double x ) - Compute log to the base 10 of x.

double modf(double x, double *intptr) - Breaks x into fractional and integer parts.

double pow (double x, double y) - Compute x raised to the power y.

int rand (void) - Get a random integer between 0 and 32.

int random(int max_num) - Get a random integer between 0 and max_num.

void randomize(void) - Set a random seed for the random number generator.

double sin(double x) - Compute sine of angle in radians.

double sinh(double x) - Compute the hyperbolic sine of x.

double sqrt(double x) - Compute the square root of x.

void srand(unsigned seed) - Set a new seed for the random number generator (rand).

double tan(double x) - Compute tangent of angle in radians.

double tanh(double x) - Compute the hyperbolic tangent of x.
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