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String Manipulation

#include <string.h>

char *stpcpy (char *dest, char *src) - Copy one string into another.

int strcmp(char *string1, char *string2) - Compare string1 and string2 to determine alphabetic order.

char *strcpy(char *string1, char *string2) - Copy string2 to stringl.

char *strerror(int errnum) - Get error message corresponding to specified error number.

int strlen(char *string) - Determine the length of a string.

char *strncat(char *string1, char *string2, size_t n) - Append n characters from string2 to stringl.

int strncmp(char *string1, char *string2, size_t n) - Compare first n characters of two strings.

char *strncpy(char *string1, char *string2, size_t n) - Copy first n characters of string2 to stringl .

char *strnset(char *string, int c, size _t n) - Set first n characters of string to c.

char *strrchr(char *string, int c) - Find last occurrence of character c in string.
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