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The command line interface (TEXT CEILIDH ONLY)

This is a completely new interface in which, instead of using menus, each Ceilidh facility is represented by a UNIX command. It can be used on any terminal. Because there are no menus in this system, it is recommended that you use it only after some experience of the menu system.

To use this facility, there are two things you must do. First execute


to set up an appropriate environment. You will need to check with your teacher just where the ~ceilidh directory is on the machine. This needs to be done once only (unless at a later stage you wish to reset your environment).

In order to use these commands, the directory containing them must be included in your PATH variable. To do this, type

     source ~ceilidh/bin.cli/source.csh

at the start of each logged-on session during which you wish to use Ceilidh.

From here on, type


to get a list of Ceilidh commands currently available, or


to show the currently set course, unit and exercise. The commands follow generally the pattern of the menu commands, but a few have had to be renamed to avoid clashes with existing commands. A typical starting sequence might be

                Command       Purpose

                commands      See commands available
                set.cse pr1   Select course "pr1"
                commands      See extra course commands
                lu            List unit titles
                set.unit 4    Set a particular unit
                lx            List exercise titles
                set.ex 4      Select exercise to solve
                vq            View question
                setup         Set up program skeleton
                ep            Edit program
                cm            Compile program
                run           Run program
                sub           Submit
                cks           Check submitted
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