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Ceilidh is an on-line coursework administration and auto-marking facility designed to help both students and staff with programming courses. It helps students by informing them of the coursework required of them, and by permitting them to submit their work on the computer, instead of having to print things out and hand them in. It also marks programs directly, and informs the student and teacher of the mark awarded. The marking uses a comprehensive variety of static and dynamic metrics to assess the quality of submitted programs, of which details are in the paper by Zin and Foxley[1] (a copy of which may be stored on-line in Ceilidh, see below). Ceilidh also provides students with on-line access to notes, examples and solutions, and provides tutors with extensive course monitoring and tracking facilities.

This document is a guide for student users of the Ceilidh system.

The Ceilidh system acts in a number of ways for students, tutors and teachers, and can support a variety of different courses.

There are different facilities for students (reading notes and coursework definitions, looking at examples, developing programs, submitting and marking work), and tutors (observing submitted work and marks) and teachers (amending course material, setting up exercises, performing plagiarism tests). The appropriate facilities are offered to appropriate users by the Ceilidh system itself, which takes note of the login identification of the user and compares it with lists of authorised users.
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