About Me

Research Interests

Soft computing

  • Data/Visual analitycs and machine learning
  • Evolutionary and heuristic algorithms

Distributed systems

  • Supercomputing and parallel processing
  • High-performance Soft computing


  • Neuroinformatics information systems / Image processing
  • Genomics (DNA Microarrays)

Web innovation

  • Collaborative 2.0 portals
  • Web design user centered and usability

Who am I

Computer Science Engineer from the UPM and Phisical Doctor in Advanced Computing (UPM). I am currently working in the Center of Biomedical Technology (CTB), participating on different projects, as FET Human Brain, the spanish Cajal Blue Brain, Alzheimer 3Pi, SCoViMi, etc. I am MIDAS lab technician responsible. I also teach at the Computer Science grade and master (Data Analysis, Systems Adminsitration and others) and i lead some master and PhD thesis. See more..

Some work

Cajal Blue Brain Some work
Alzheimer 3Pi Some work
Human Brain Project Best work
Best work Best work
Teaching Best work
Research projects Best work

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