Research projects

In 2010 I finished my PhD thesis, of which the GloBeM project is the most important part.

I work for the Cajal Blue Brain project, the Spanish division of the Blue Brain Project.

I am a member of the Midas research group at UPM, focused on Data Mining and Scientific Visualization.

I am also a part of the Autonomic Data Management group, focused on the design and development of solutions to major data-intensive problems.

I am the main active developer and maintainer of GMonE, a simple grid monitoring infrastructure specifically designed for experimental distributed environments.

As part of a collaboration between UPM and INRIA, since 2009 I collaborate with the BlobSeer project, focusing on quality of service and fault tolerance issues.

Complete list of projects

  • The Human Brain Project (HBP): SP.07 HPC Platform. European Commission (FET Flagship) HBP604102.
  • ITN-238808 SCALUS (SCAling by means of Ubiquituous Storage).
  • AnDaVis (URJC-CM-2010-CET-5185).
  • Cajal Blue Brain.
  • Soft COmputing, VIsualization and Multimodal Interaction for complex systems and data (TIN2010-21289-C02-02).
  • Trabajo de minera de datos y geomarketing sobre datos financieros/bancarios (OTT/UPM P091001853).
  • Optimización de Altas Prestaciones. Aplicaciones Científico / Industriales.